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Yes, I’ve entered the world of blogging. I decided that I’d get my feet wet, found that my web hosting service gave me the ability and voila!, here I am.

As my current profession is a SQL Server administrator, it makes sense to begin blogging about it. My career path has taken me from a helpdesk techie who had to learn how a particular piece of software worked, to administrating the application, database and Citrix servers for users of the software, to finally diving deeper into a specific database, namely, Microsoft SQL Server. So, why not blog about the various pieces of that journey, hopefully to help someone else?

UNIX administration was my first passion (in school), so I’m comfortable with the command line (and actually prefer it). Having that experience, I’m going to begin by writing about how to interact with SQL Server without using the GUI. Yes, there are many tips and tricks already out there; this is going to challenge me to begin using T-SQL and Powershell to do my daily duties, then record it to help someone else.

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I’m on the board for the Sacramento SQL Server users group, check us out!

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  1. dilip nayak says:

    I saw that your are speaking at the usergroup in April. Great! I plan to be there.
    I am currently implementing DB mirroring in production after doing a few test runs.

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